Is A Bespoke Wedding Dress Right For Me?

It’s the most important dress you will ever buy – so why not make it unique to you?

There are many reasons why a bespoke wedding dress might be the right choice for you and Beverley Tricker explains;

You have a vision

You may have a picture in your mind of the dress of your dreams … but you can’t find that dress off the peg. Well, if you can describe it, it can probably be made for you. We can help to tease out that mental image onto paper and then into gorgeous fabric.

Express yourself

If you want to make a statement on your big day and want something a little different – perhaps a vibrant colour, a mini dress, a trouser suit or an over the top detail then a bespoke gown will be the right route for you.

You’ve seen lots of ideas you like … but not THE ONE

If you have tried on many dresses but can’t find THE ONE because the dress you really want is a combination of styles and elements, then a custom dress can deliver one cohesive concept for you … and we’ll advise you when enough is just enough!

The perfect fit for your body shape

Let’s face it. There’s no perfect body shape – we all look great the way we are. But you may be finding it hard to find a dress which suits your proportions if you are petite in height or very slim with a voluptuous bust. You can trust that a custom-made dress will create a flattering gown which complements your body shape perfectly – and with no alteration costs.

You are on a budget

Yes – a custom dress can be more cost effective than an off the peg dress – especially if your off the peg gown would need considerable alterations. Our dresses range predominately between £1000 and £2500 – with no alteration costs on top. And we always offer a fixed price for each gown and we stick to it.

You have a short time frame before your wedding

We’ve created bespoke dresses from initial sketch concept to the finished showstopper in just two months – considerably shorter time frame than trying to buy off the peg!

You want to be unique

A bespoke dress is the only way to guarantee that no one else will be saying their ‘I dos’ in the same wedding dress. We can also incorporate an heirloom veil or accessory or even a sentimental piece of fabric into your dress.

You don’t want to say goodbye to the bridal experience

You’ll get to know your bridal dressmaker well if you opt for bespoke – if you love the feeling of bridal shopping then it’s the perfect option to keep you living the dream for much longer from the first sketch through to final fitting.

You want a dress with ethical credentials

We can offer an increasing range of eco and recycled bridal fabrics of the highest quality for wedding dresses in all different styles.

You want to support local

Choosing bespoke from Tricker Bridal means that every single stitch of your wedding dress is made in Aberdeen rather than overseas in countries like China.

You can book a no obligation consultation via the calendar on our website. 

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