2023 Wedding Dress Trends

Contemporary minis, floral and separates seem to be the way to go for 2023. But don’t give up on the ballgown which held its own in New York Bridal Fashion Week earlier this year.  

Blue is the new pink 


In 2022, pink has been the most popular colour for Tricker Bridal brides. We’ve made more dresses with a hint of pink this year than any other colour – including white and ivory.  

But it seems that pink has the blues for 2023 as there’s a new hue in town. 

Asymmetrical necklines 

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One sleeve, unusually cut necklines and drapes – anything which gives two different silhouettes on your shoulders. It’s one way to combine a traditional look below the waist and a more contemporary look on top. It can give a very chic designer look. 

Mock Neck 


Not a particularly classy name for a very elegant, regal look. The high frilly collar features in one of the most iconic wedding dresses of all time – Grace Kelly's. And it’s making a comeback thanks to celeb brides from Paris Hilton to Ellie Goulding. Described by many as modest, it is often fashioned from lace.  

Separation Anxiety 


Trouser suits, cropped tops and tulle skirts, camisoles and midis, bustiers and minis, separates are a great way to create layers which you can then remove for a different reception look. And … you are more likely to be able to wear then again! 

Mini dresses 


No need to cover up your great legs – opt for a mini dress. One of the advantages of having a mini wedding dress made is that it takes less fabric – meaning you can save … or spurge on some really gorgeous luxury fabric and trims.  

Oversized florals 

 20220721 080310 crop

Florals go supersized in scale. Forget dainty florals – florals are now much larger and often feature in ball gowns.  

Whether you want to go for a latest trend, or stick with the classics, make an appointment to discuss the dress of your dreams.