Consultations - A Sketchy Affair

Unsure of what happens at a wedding dress consultation?

Most of my brides come to see me with a small group of friends or family. I recommend no more than four in your party in total as with more than that it can be hard to listen to what you, yourself, really want.

It’s relaxed and fun – with Prosecco and macarons!

Brides usually send me their Pinterest boards or Insta favourites in advance so I can get a feel for the style they are aiming for. It means I can find any similar silhouettes in the salon dresses which can be tried on at the consultation. I can also look our specific samples of fabrics.

At your consultation I’ll usually do some quick sketches which I can scan to you after your consultation. This allows me to throw in a ‘wild card’ sketch too. This is often very different from the inspiration you’ve shown me but a mix of the vibes of the different dresses … and sometimes it’s something totally different.

It’s surprising how many brides veer towards the wild card design. Sometime when you’ve been looking at your ‘favourites’ for weeks or months (or years?) it’s good to see a ‘palate cleansing’ alternative.

Here’s a series of sketches for one of my current brides (minus her final different choice as that’s top secret until her big day). These sketches take in the styles of the dresses she had as favourites with some of them combining elements of different dresses.


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Find out more about consultations here.

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